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Machine Screw with Pan Philips Head / TF15408
Chipboard Screw with Zinc Plated / TF15501
Drywall Screw with Philips Bugle Head and Coarse Thread / TF15504
Drywall Screw with Philips Bugle Head and Fine Thread / TF15505
GL Hex Lag Wood Screws to DIN 571 / TF15516
Wood Screws / TF15523
Wood Screws with Countersunk Philips Head / TF15524
Fittiing Screws with Nickel Plated / TF15607
General Combination Wrench with Satin Finish / TH02120
Euro Type Combination Wrench / TH02121
Euro Type Open End Wrench / TH02122
Euro Type Sandblasting Finish Double Ring Offset Wrench / TH02123

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